Importance of Skills Training in Today's Education Ecosystem

Engineering is one of the fastest growing and most exciting fields today, offering new college graduates significant earning potential, job stability, and plenty of personal satisfaction. There are many different jobs available for engineers. Not everyone can be an engineer, however, as the demands in terms of skills and knowledge are intense. There are several different branches of engineering, each with very distinct technical skill sets. Even within a given field, specific job requirements vary significantly between positions.

Today’s major concern is that formal education does not provide suitable skills to make candidates employable. There is a huge requirement for skilled manpower. When we compare percentage of formally skilled work force globally, India scores the least at 2% against Korea (96%), Japan (80%), Germany (75%), UK (68%) and China (40%). India has tremendous potential to improve skill-based learning to not only cater to domestic work force requirements but also to serve as an effective manpower hub globally.     more...


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Course Updates

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  • CISCO Netacad Placement Drive.               - Brochure  
  • CCNA Module 1 registrations open.           - Brochure  
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    The following batch students can collect their certificates.

    • Batch code: GR19FAC01M2-04 Certificates.
    • Batch code: GR19ECNE03-10 Certificates.
    • Batch code: GR1932NE02-07 Certificates.
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    Advanced registration for new batches to be commenced in the month of October 2019.

    CISCO Apprenticeship and Placement drive - 2019. Time line



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